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Our Process

Introduction Meeting

Discuss the services we provide. Create your client profile. Understand your current situation, upcoming milestones, unique goals/objectives and what you want to accomplish.

Discovery Meeting

Fact finding, data gathering, discuss and establish goals, and identify your opportunities and risks. 

Analysis Meeting

Presenting to you the analysis we have conducted based on the data we collected and help you understand if your current financial situation is aligned with your goals. Discuss options/recommendation if necessary to help enhance your financial situation so it is more aligned with your objectives.                             


Work with you, your CPA and Estate Planning attorney to find the best solutions to execute action items to help you attain your goals and objectives. 

Ongoing Service

Your continued progress is how we measure our success, therefore, we will be meeting at least once per year to review/monitor progress towards meeting your goals as well as update any necessary changes to your overall goals based on life changing events.