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Mikael Lee

Mikael Lee

Wealth Advisor/Manager

I am a Wealth Management Adviser providing custom financial solutions and comprehensive planning to affluent families and business owners for nearly two decades. My mission is to establish a long term business relationship and help you build and protect your wealth that allows you the freedom to pursue your life passions with your loved ones without ongoing financial concerns. The following are the services I provide:

  • Financial Positioning - My approach to Financial Positioning is to ensure my clients understand the concept of allocating their assets in the appropriate buckets to serve the various purposes.  
  • Investment Planning - Investment planning is an evolving process where my clients and I meet on a regular basis in order to review and monitor the progress of their financial plan.  
  • Retirement Planning - This involves setting realistic goals and expectations then allowing my clients to consider customized investment strategies to help achieve the goals.
  • Tax Planning - I work closely with CPAs and together we can deliver tax planning strategies to minimize tax liabilities for my clients. Also, harvesting gain/loss in the investment portfolio is a strategy that I employ towards the end of the fiscal year in order to reduce my clients’ tax burden.
  • Estate Planning – I work closely with Estate Planning Attorneys in order to create/update their Estate Plans in order to avoid probate, and tax efficiency through wealth transfer to the next generation. We also help with Philanthropic planning.
  • Asset Protection Planning – I conducts risk analysis to help my clients understand and identify the risks associated to their balance sheets. We find the best solutions to help reduce/mitigate the risks upon discovery.